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Pathology FNA Technique Video


A 59 minute pathology FNA technique video in 4 parts by Prof. Britt-Marie Ljung, Professor of Cytology at UCSF, San Francisco, USA. This is probably the best pathology video available describing the practical techniques required for making successful cytologic fine needle aspirates. It describes aspiration techniques, smearing techniques, and a method of rapid assessment of specimen adequacy. It has received very favourable reviews. It comprises the following sections

(1) An introduction to FNA
(2) The equipment required
(3) FNA technique
(4) Stabilising the instrument
(5) Needle movement
(6) Sampling different nodule parts
(7) Zajdela's technique
(8) Explusion of material onto the slide
(9) Flip technique
(10) Basic smearing technique
(11) Dividing material
(12) Problem material
(13) Special problems

Pathology Thyroid FNA with Ultrafast Papanicolaou Stain

Dr Grace Yang from Cornell University, New York. Demonstration of Ultrasound Guided Thyroid FNA Preparation Technique With Ultrafast Papanicolaou Stain, 3 minutes.This brief video clip describes the technique for taking and smearing of slides, showing a method of obtaining cells from the needle hub after expelling material from the aspiration syringe by tapping the hub of the needle onto the slide, followed by a demonstration of images of thyroid FNA's stained with ultrafast Papanicolaou