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General Surgical Pathology  

Fletcher, CDM (editor). Diagnostic Histopathology of Tumours. Churchill Livingstone 2013. ISBN 1437715346 The fourth edition of this classic surgical pathology textbook. A must-have for any practising surgical pathologist.


Mills SE, Carter D, Greenson JK,  Harold Oberman  HA, Reuter VE (editors). Sternberg's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2004. ISBN 9780781740517. This two volume book is very comprehensive although because it is multiauthor it varies in depth of content. A valuable book for any general surgical pathology department and for trainee pathologists


Dabbs D. Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry: Theranostic and Genomic Applications. Elsevier. 4th Ed ISBN 1455744611 . A newly updated book that our laboratory staff have found very useful in our day to day work


Lester SC, et al Diagnostic Pathology: Intraoperative Consultation. Amirsys. ISBN 9781931884976. We like this book. Reporting frozen sections is however best learned from experience and with the assistance of a senior pathologist.


Silverberg's Principles and Practice of Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology. 5th edition. ISBN 9781107022836 Edited by Mark R. Wick, Virginia A. LiVolsi, John D. Pfeifer, Edward B. Stelow, Paul E. Wakely, Jr. A very comprehensive book useful as a general reference text in the sign-out room


Lowe JS, Anderson PG. Steven’s & Lowe’s Human Histology, Elsevier, ISBN 9780723435020. A well produced book that our trainees and students like.


Breast Pathology


Lester SC, Hicks D.  Diagnostic Pathology: Breast, 2nd Edition 2016. AMIRSYS. ISBN 978032337712 2. A well presented diagnostic breast image atlas and textbook.


Renal & Urological Pathology 

Jeanette JC, Olson JL, Schwartz MM, Silva FG (editors). Heptinstall's Pathology of the Kidney. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 2007. ISBN 9780781747509. The sixth edition of this classic textbook has been completely rewritten and updated with colour illustrations. All practising renal pathologists need access to this book.


Bostwick DG. Urological Surgical Pathology. Elsevier ISBN: 978-1-4557-4327-8. A great update of a well know textbook. Uropathology colleagues find it useful.


Zhou M, Magi-Galluzzi C. Genitourinary Pathology. Elsevier, ISBN 9780323188272. A useful general textbook of GU pathology

Gastrointestinal Pathology 

Fenoglio-Preiser CM, Noffsinger AE, Stemmerman GN, Lantz PE , Isaccson. Gastrointestinal Pathology. An Atlas and Text. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 2008. ISBN 9780781771467. The third edition of this atlas is a tour de force of gastrointestinal pathology and is particularly useful for rarer GI pathology conditions. Any specialist GI pathologist would find this book useful.


Odze RD, Goldblum RJ (editors). Surgical Pathology of the GI Tract, Liver, Biliary Tract and Pancreas. Saunders 2014 ISBN 9781455707478.The 3rd edition of this multiauthor GI pathology textbook has been expanded & is a must-have for pathologists practising lumenal pathology of the GI tract.


Hornick J (Ed) Gastrointestinal Pathology: Classification, Diagnosis, Emerging Entities, An Issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics. Elsevier 2014. ISBN 9780323188746. A short review based book, well illustrated and useful for gastrointestinal speciality pathologists.

Yantiss, RK, Panarelli NC, Lamps LW. Diagnostic Pathology GI Endoscopic Correlation. Amirsys. ISBN 978-1-937242206. A well produced up to date atlas of GI endoscopic correlation which complements other major textbooks in this field.

Greenson JK ed. 2016. Diagnostic Pathology Gastrointestinal, ISBN: 970323376730. A nicely produced colour atlas of GI pathology & very useful as a reference & for differential diagnosis

Head and Neck Pathology 

Atlas of Head and Neck Pathology, 3rd Ed Wenig BM, 2016. ISBN: 9781455733828. The third edition of this large volume has beautifully illustrated clinicopathological correlations of head and neck pathology and cytology. Useful for specialist head and neck pathologists.

Thompson LDR. Head and Neck Pathology, 2nd Ed Elsevier 2013, ISBN 9781437726077. This updated and well illustrated book is designed for practicing pathologists and it compares very favourably with other similar competing books, both in breadth of coverage and quality of discussion and illustrations. 


Thompson LDR, Wenig B. Diagnostic Pathology: Head and Neck. AMIRSYS 2nd Edition, ISBN: 9780323392556. A great well illustrated comprehensive pictorial image atlas and textbook.


Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology 

Wold LE, Unni K, Sim FH, Sundaram M. Atlas of Orthopedic Pathology with CD ROM. Third edition, Saunders 2008. ISBN9781416053286 An exceptionally well presented concise guide. The book consists of wide range of clinical, radiological and pathologic descriptions accompanied by radiographs, photographs of gross appearances and histological pictures of various orthopaedic pathological conditions (AK)


Goldblum J, Weiss S, Folpe AL.Enzinger and Weiss's Soft Tissue Tumors, 6th Edition. ISBN 9780323088343. A good update of a well established text frequently used by colleagues and residents.


Modern Soft Tissue Pathology Edited by Markku Miettinen. ISBN 9780521874090. A very detailed book that complements other major texts of soft tissue pathology in the same field


Lindberg MR ed. Diagnostic Pathology: Soft Tissue Tumors, 2nd ed. 2016 ISBN: 9780323376754. This book is really useful for differential diagnosis of challenging soft tissue cases for the general pathologist & is beautifully illustrated.


Obstetric & Gynaecological Pathology

Clement P & Young R. Atlas of Gynecologic Surgical Pathology, 3rd Edition. Elsevier ISBN: 9781455774821 The third edition of this book is again well illustrated and helpful for gynaecological surgical pathologists


Nucci MR, Oliva E. Diagnostic Pathology Gynecological Amirsys. ISBN 9781931884600.A nice well illustrated gynecological pathology book.

Crum CP, Quick CM, Laury AR, Peters WA, Hirsch MS. Gynecologic and obstetric pathology. ISBN 9781437714227. A useful slide atlas type book for OB/GYN pathology diagnosis.

Skin Pathology 

McKee P, Calonje JE. Diagnostic Atlas of Melanocytic Pathology. Mosby 2009. ISBN 0323048137  . This beautifully illustrated atlas complements other major texts on melanocytic skin pathology. 


Patterson JW et al. Weedon’s Skin Pathology, 4th Edition, Elsevier, ISBN: 9780702051838. The latest update of this book is well written is frequently used for problematic skin cases


Hall, Brian. Diagnostic Pathology: Nonneoplastic Dermatopathology. A nicely illustrated synoptic compendium of inflammatory & non-neoplastic skin conditions


Haematolymphoid Pathology

Needle Core Biopsy of Lymph Nodes. An Atlas of Hematopathological Disease. ISBN 9781107624542. Alan D. Ramsay, Manuel Rodriguez-Justo, Scott J. Rodig. An introductory manual for differential diagnosis in lymph node core biopsy.

Respiratory Pathology

Pathology of the Mediastinum. ISBN 9781107031531 Edited by Alberto M. Marchevsky, Mark R. Wick. A useful introductory manual for thoracic pathology & differential diagnosis.

Endocrine Pathology 

Clark DP, Faquin WC. Thyroid Cytopathology. Springer 2005, ISBN 9780387233048,  This small book is the only cytology book that the reviewer has found that gives colour illustrations of the full range of lesions seen in thyroid FNA. For this reason it is a must-have for any cytologist practising thyroid FNA. 


Kini SR. Thyroid Cytopathology: An Atlas and Text. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 2008, ISBN 139780781768832. T his excellent 513 page thyroid cytology atlas by Kini and colleagues from Detroit is the sort of book that all departments practising thyroid FNA ought to have. It also comes with a searchable web-based resource which complements the text. 


LiVolsi VA , Asa SL. Endocrine Pathology. Churchill Livingstone 2002. ISBN 0443065950 . A useful multiauthor book aimed at pathologists with a specialist interest in endocrine pathology. 


Thompson LDR. Endocrine Pathology. Churchill Livingstone, 2006. ISBN 044306685X.  A well produced book with good colour illustrations aimed at practising surgical pathologists as well as specialists.



Diagnostic Cytopathology Essentials, 1st Edition Kocjan, Gray, Levine, Kardum Skelin& Vielhl ISBN 9780702044502. A brilliantly presented & illustrated book, aimed at trainees in cytology


Cibas ES. Cytology Diagnostic Principles and Clinical Correlates. 3rd Ed. ISBN13 9781416053293. We like this book and use it frequently, thank you Dr Cibas


Cytopathology. An Issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics, (The Clinics: Internal Medicine).Elsheikh TM Ed. ISBN 9780323261326. A very useful up to date review book on hot topics in cytology.

2014 The Year Book of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. Raab S Ed. ISBN 9780323264815. A compendium of interesting publications in pathology in the last 12 months which is most useful for libraries & reference collections.

Comprehensive Cytopathology. Bibbo M Ed. ISBN 9780323261326. The latest edition of this book is always in use by our trainees and cytology staff. A most helpful up to date reference book.

Lymph Node and Spleen Cytohistology. ISBN 9781107026322. Andrew S. Field, William R. Geddie. An excellent presentation of diagnostic problems in lymph node & spleen FNA which also addresses some of the diagnostic limitations of lymph node & spleen aspirates.


Head and Neck Cytohistology. Edited by Zubair W. Baloch, Tarik M. Elsheikh, William C. Faquin, Philippe Vielh. ISBN 9781107669888. A well written & presented book detailing some of the problems of head & neck, thyroid, & salivary gland FNA.


Lung and Mediastinum Cytohistology ISBN 9780521516587. Edited by Syed Z. Ali, Grace C. H. Yang. An excellent & well written book detailing diagnostic problems in lung cytology & histology and updated to include the latest WHO classification of lung cancer


Field, Andrew. Practical Cytopathology: A Diagnostic Approach to Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy ISBN: 9781416057697.This book is beautifully illustrated & is useful because of its pattern recognition approach to FNA cytology which would be particularly useful for trainee pathologists



Stockman, David Ed. Diagnostic Pathology: Vascular. ISBN: 9780323376747
A nicely illustrated compendium of the pathology of vascular  tumours, although it does not cover non- tumoour pathology such as inflammatory or degenerative conditions of blood vessels

Milner, Danny Ed.  Diagnostic Pathology: Infectious Diseases ISBN: 9780323376778 A really well illustrated book of the pathological effects of common viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic & other infections in humans

Vasef & Auerbach. Diagnostic Pathology: Molecular Oncology. 2015. ISBN 9780323376785. We really liked this book as it pulls together a lot of pathology & molecular data into one easy to use reference covering a field that is ever changing

Clinical Negligence. Michael Powers & Anthony Barton 5th Edition: ISBN: 9781780434858

A up to date summary of the law of clinical negligence, aimed primarily at UK medicolegal practice & an essential reference tool


Melmed, Polonsky, Larsen, Kronenberg. Williams Textbook of Endocrinology, 13th Edition 2015. Elsevier ISBN : 9780323297387. A ‘big’ textbook of endocrinology which covers most of the major areas although only really relevant to specialist endocrine pathologists.